"If you can, travel often. If you can't travel at least once."

             -Me (but I'm sure someone else more famous said something similar)


Colombia: The Lost City

In 2015, I hiked Ciudad Perdida - the Lost City of Teyuna. The ancient civilization was only discovered in 1972, and hikes became open to tourists a little over a decade ago. It's a pretty strenuous hike in the jungle, so if this peaks your interest I'd suggest going with tour guides. We went with Wiwa Tours which is the only your company whose profits are used to help the indigenous members who still live there. For more information, check out the Independent's article on the hike.

Colombia: Costeno Beach and Cartegena

After the hike in 2015, my husband and I surfed and lived in a small community at Costeno beach. The atmosphere was amazing, people were kind, and we met some great friends. Afterwards, we went to the famed city of Cartegena. Check out the New York Times guide to the city here.