Mrs. Amico Apologizes

I'm an older sister...

...and a pretty big education advocate.  So, you can imagine my absolute horror when my little brother shared a video with me about a teacher in high school making some pretty inappropriate and racist remarks to her students. Mrs. Amico is an english teacher at Cliffside Park High School. I posted this video to Youtube and outreached to the community. There have been over 3,000 views and 100+ comments on the video. I'm hoping this teacher gets appropriately punished for her actions and that her teaching privileges get revoked. While I understand that teaching is difficult, her comments cannot be tolerated under any circumstances. We live in a time when many kids across America feel discriminated against because of the color of their skin and it's our job to make sure they never feel that way and instead get the opportunity to flourish in an environment that accepts who they are and whatever language they speak.


Update: Monday October 16, 2017

CBS, NBC, ABC, and Telemundo have all covered the story and visited the school. There will be an emergency meeting with the Board of Education today. I am hoping they take appropriate steps and apologize to the students; I know that it's a disruption to the students and their ability to learn. I hope this is fixed quickly so that the students can concentrate on learning. Almost 80K people views the video.


Update Wednesday October 25, 2017

After the emergency Board of Ed meeting last week, the school has decided to allow Laura Amico to keep her job. She publicly apologized to the students over the PA system. Unfortunately, I don't necessarily agree with their actions--I'd at least like to have her publicly apologize at an organized public event that the press can cover. It's important that her apology be broadcasted not just to the students in the school but to every single person who watcher her video and to all the American kids out there who have been treated this way by their teachers. 


ABC News 

High school teacher apologizes after telling Spanish-speaking student to 'speak American'