Burning Man 2018

I help run a camp at Burning Man. I'll be taking a year off from Playa but if you're interested in joining our camp e-mail me at victoria.augustine.sarmiento@gmail.com. For more info, visit our camp web page. We're excited to announce that we'll be submitting a proposal for a village this year! More info to come.


SNAP Intro Video

Here's a 2016 video of the new and improved camp layout. I bet you're all wondering, "Who is Anthony?!". Anthony is a buddy of ours who lives all the way in Australia and couldn't join us when we took on this gigantic project. He DID, however, guide us and encourage us to build what we build. We couldn't have done it without his help and, of course, without the help of our camp! It was one of our proudest moments. 

SNAP: Cafe, Bikes and Games 

Here's a video of the camp's gift. We offer bike repair, an iced coffee shop, and gigantic nerdy games. Each year our coffee shop offers different activities based on who wants to participate in live events. In 2017, we had a polyamory Q+A forum with local experts as well as a human foosball competition. In 2016 we had yoga classes and in 2015 we had open mic nights and body and face painting. We're excited to see what we offer next year!